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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mrs. Marie Palmer Took This Family Photo of Mr. Roberto Hung, His Wife, Daughter and Son in 1971

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Mrs. Marie Palmer was my first landlady and friend when I used to live in Chicago, near Avondale Elementary Public School on Kedzie Avenue between Wellington and George Streets. Marie Palmer was the widow of an Illinois Veterans who had fought during WWII. She worked at the Civic Opera on Wacker Drive and Madison St. as Executive Administrative Assistant. Mrs. Marie Palmer introduced me to the Grace Lutheran Church Ice Cream Social during the summers—she was German-American and had two adult children: Lilly Palmer, a Hollywood actress who starred in the classic film "The Little Foxes" and a son. Lilly Palmer lived in Colombia as the wife of a famous physician doctor with family.
Mrs. Marie Palmer retired from the Civic Opera and sold her grey house to my Mother with a $1,000 cash down deposit at 2930 North Albany Street between Wellington and George Streets. Afterwards, Marie Palmer moved to Arizona and retired there permanently.
Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor, his wife and two children lived and leased the first floor. The children shared one bedroom with bunkbeds—one on top of the other. The grey house was rather small for a family home. When Roberto Hung and family talked to Mrs. Marie Palmer, they were looking to lease a family home near Avondale Elementary Public School, so that the children could walk to school there.

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