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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Catholic Charities Relocated Cuban Refugees To Chicago, Illinois USA | GHung's Blog

Catholic Charities Relocated Cuban Refugees To Chicago, Illinois USA | GHung's Blog

                            “Choose Between Chicago, Illinois or Hartford, Connecticut?”

Forty-three (43) years ago, Cuban political refuge Mr. Roberto Hung Juris Doctor and his wife with two children travelled on United Airlines from Miami International Airport for a stop-over in Atlanta, Georgia to pick up more passengers, then continued air travel to O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois.  During July 1971, Catholic Charities in Miami, Florida provided Welcome! To the Cuban Refugees arriving on the Freedom Flights from Cuba.  The Cuban political refugees were relocated by a representative from Catholic Charities of America who provided a choice of relocation to Chicago or Hartford, Connecticut where they would be helped to find a place to live in the community.  Roberto Hung and his wife decided to relocate to Chicago with their two children because they had friends and family relatives residing and living in Illinois, USA.  Catholic Charities of Chicago referred Roberto Hung and his family for lodging at The Montfield Hotel in the Belmont-Sheffield Trust & Savings Bank Building, in the Lakeview neighborhood by the Belmont CTA Train Station in Chicago.
After Roberto Hung and his family arrived in Miami, they spent three (3) days with family relatives of his oldest brother Miguel Hung, his wife, and children who lived in Florida. 

The family relatives were happy to be together again after several years. 

During the 3-day visit, Roberto Hung also visited his Aunt Consuelo who was married to Guillermo Fonseca and had two children, Rosita and Angel Fonseca.  Also, other family relatives of Anita Dieguez and Jorge Loo with their children Ana Cari, Georgina and Jorgito the youngest son visited Roberto Hung and his family while they were staying in Miami, Florida.
Miguel Hung and his wife Silvia Simons with their four children had left Cuba years before via flight to Mexico City, then later travelled to Miami, Florida to meet her sister Peggy and her family there.

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