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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Making Meaningful New Year's Resolutions in 2010 by Dr. Nancy Devereux, Licensed Psychologist

Greetings for the New Year 2010 in the 21st Century! When we start a New Year, we make New Resolutions. Dr. Nancy Devereux, Licensed Psychologist, advises how to Make Meaningful New Year's Resolutions:

* Make your goal specific. Be precise. For instance, I am going to find a new job while I am looking for employment.

* Make it positive and be proactive. That is to say, I am going to set up a job network and follow up on all job leads provided, even by word-of-mouth.

* Break it into do-able steps. Start applying for every single job posting or listing you can find, anywhere.

* Visualize it. Imagine yourself performing the goal and enjoying the results. You might even tack a photo or magazine cut-out of a representation of your goal to inspire you. Picture going through the job interview and getting the job you want.

* Enhance the commitment by writing it down. Write your goals specifically. Journaling can help with perserverance. Keep a detailed list of all your job leads, telephone calls, Emails, and appointments, online-job applications.

* Round up your team or your coaches. Tell close friends or family members your plans and enlist their support. Set up a job network, job alerts, job postings, newsletters, bulletins, etc.

* Arrange your surroundings to support your goal. Plan ahead. Set up a job search resource center for yourself.

* Allow time. Research indicates that habit formation takes about three weeks to replace a less ideal habit with a healthy one.

* If you "fall off" track, don't give up or give in. Read your commitment or plan again, forgive yourself, and give yourself credit for your hard work and persistence.

* Use small, "healthy" rewards to keep you going.

--From High Hopes Brain Support Group by Dr. Nancy Devereux, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Healthcare Center in Wheaton, Illinois USA

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