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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Glowing Kitty Christmas Tree

Hello Kitty Glowing Christmas Tree Ornament
This year, I found the perfect Christmas Tree ornament to give:  a Glowing Kitty to hang from the bright shining branches of the blue spruce, next to the glass ornament and glass angel.
Every Time The Bell Rings, An Angel Gets Its Wings... 
"Every Time The Bell Rings, A Faithful Angel Gets Its Wings".
The holidays came early this year, in time for Thanksgiving, when all the Christmas decorations, wreaths, and pine trees were decked in multicolored lights, shining and bright. 
After the twelve (12) days of Christmas were sung over and over, the Spirit came out to celebrate with snowshowers, gusty winds, and scurrying flurries, still flying around, making their rounds, all over town.
A few days ago, I found my Glowing Hello Kitty which chimes a holiday song from its heart.  Kitty makes the Christmas spirit ring now, every time I press it for a holiday tune, hanging from the bright and shiny blue spruce, glistening with glass ornaments.
The glistening brass bell topped with the crystal angel chimes:  "Every Time The Bell Rings, A Faithful Angel Gets Its Wings"
A gesture of thoughtfulness can bring a smile to a dear friend for Christmas and brighten the holidays, just like a Christmas tree decked with ornaments and multicolored lights.

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