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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Thanksgiving Gift For Evelyn: Wildlife Table Runners For The Holidays

Just in time for Thanksgiving, I found the perfect gift of fabric for Marilyn to give to Cousin Evelyn during her stayover visit this month.  The colorful autumn leaves featured scenes from natural wildlife:  the mallard ducks in playful flight over the woodland lake, the unforgettable log cabin in the middle of the forest, and the giant solitary elk meandering through the riverwalk...  The wildlife nature scenes naturally invited us to design a Thanksgiving table runner for Cousin Evelyn this year.  Other forest log cabin scenes included the perennial fishing trout, the gobble gobble wild turkeys roaming through the field, and the dogs around the house.  All the reminders of coming home for Thanksgiving.
A Thanksgiving Table Runner Designed and Sewn by G.H. Wittler for Marilyn 
 There is nothing better than the simple gifts of fabric to make Thanksgiving a special time of year...

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