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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lombard Resident Homeowners Lose Civl Liberties And Human Rights In Du Page County, Illinois USA

Village of Lombard Suburban Homeowners Lose U.S. Mail, Civil Liberties, Personal Documents, and Freedom in DuPage County, Illinois 60148 USA
While living in the Village of Lombard for the last twenty (20) years as an Illinois resident homeowner and taxpayer, Lombard has been denying me essential human rights for contact by telephone, in person, the rights of receiving U.S. mail, including Civil Liberties for Civil Procedure and Due Process of Law.  The Lombard Police and Fire Department have taken Personal Documents such as my Birth Certificate, High School Diploma, Elementary School Diploma, my Personal Journal, and the Freedom that Suburban Homeownership brings in middle class west suburban DuPage County, Illinois USA.   I have become an Illinois Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes as a Lombard resident homeowner and taxpayer.
For the last twenty years, the Village of Lombard has been communicating less and less with homeowners by telephone and U.S. mail.  In the Age of Communications, the Victorian village known as Lilac Town, does not respond to homeowners by electronic mail, U.S. mail and do not even use the telephone to call homeowners anymore.  The Village of Lombard does not even mail correspondence to homeowners like me who have lost U.S. mail to file copies not mailed under David Hulseberg, the Village Manager who denies DuPage homeowners’ rights, civil procedure and due process of law in Illinois.
Lombard homeowners cannot even talk to the Village Trustee for District 5 who refuses to address homeowners’ issues in person, by mail or telephone either.  Even when Lombard homeowners request a Village Service and leave a telephone number for the Village of Lombard to call back, the Village Hall does not telephone homeowners anymore in DuPage County, Illinois USA.  Lilac Town does not even mail letters to homeowners in DuPage County either.  Even when Lombard homeowners use the facsimile to transmit urgent messages about losing personal documents, home invasions, real estate vandalism, trespassing, real estate damages and losses, the Village Hall does not respond to homeowners’concerns in York Township, DuPage County, in the State of Illinois USA.
There are innumerable times when I have personally visited the Village Hall in Lombard to speak to David Hulseberg in person, and there was no response nor any solution to my homeowner’s demand for my U.S. mail, Court Orders of Protection, personal documents, and homeownership rights in DuPage County for the State of Illinois.  Since David Hulseberg assumed the role of Village of Manager, Lombard homeowners have lost essential human rights, U.S. mail, Civil Liberties, Civil Procedure, Due Process of Law, and the Freedom of Homeownership in DuPage County, in the State of Illinois.  The Village of Lombard never provides for me any U.S. mail nor copies of Court Orders by law, no response to emails, nor any replies to facsimiles or telephone calls either under the Assistant Village Manager Nicole Aranas.  Since I have lived in Lilac Town, I have become an Illinois Victim of Heinous Hate Crimes for the last twenty (20) years.
Other suburban homeowners and taxpayers in the Village of Lombard are experiencing the same loss of essential human rights, human contact, U.S. mail, Civil Liberties, Civil Procedure, Due Process of Law, and the Freedom to live life under the Constitution of the United States of America.

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